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Interview with the producer of the film for Radio Szentendre

Tamás Major, the producer of the movie “The Faces of the Great Goddess”, was invited to the „Vekker” Radio of Szentendre to talk about the process of creating the film, about spirituality and about the question, why does the contemporary world need such an artwork.

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Review by Edit Sz. Mikus, sexologist

"The film talks about the porn world and features porn videos without having anything pornographic! It managed to avoid it in such a refined way that only in the viewer's mind could appear certain images that the camera actually hadn’t filmed... It maintained the artistic level while praising tantric bliss. "[...]

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Review by Borbála Fülöp

"If I had to sum up the message of the film in one sentence, I would say "the story of the man’s sexual development"." [...]

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