Inspiration test

The Story and the Truth behind the Creation of this Film

The one thirsty for wisdom is a devotee of truth.
The one fascinated by the symphony of existence is a disciple of harmony,
The one drunken by the colours that thrill around us is a worshiper of light,
The one in whose veins poetry is flowing is always in love with Love.

We are a group of artists, animated by the same ideal – to live at the absolute intensity of the divine beauty, good and truth. With everything we do and create we seek to penetrate beyond the misleading surface of the quotidian, right into the heart of life.

As the source of our inspiration we have chosen the tantric tradition and its profound wisdom that gives us a complete vision of man and the Creation.

We have the conviction that the tantric art, being inspired by ancient spiritual principles, is the ideal map for the passionate and enthusiastic who want to express in their works the bright essences of the divine reality, the archetypes and the inexhaustible mystery of the universe.

Through our conscious creative work we had the chance to discover that Tantric art is an art of revelation, of connection with universal meanings. It has an awakening power, it gives the experience of the sublime and superhuman happiness, of being one with the source of the perennial Beauty.

Having chosen to return to the springs of beauty, we make conscious efforts to climb closer to our inner skies with every step, with every gesture, with every experience, with every act of artistic creation.

We discovered that tantric art is more than just producing works of art: it’s the art of living - to be present in all the acts of our daily lives, to contemplate all that exists beneath the surface, to live the voluptuousness that transcends the senses.

You can’t find too much of this sort of art nowadays. It's an art of the future. Nonetheless we choose to dedicate ourselves to it today.

The sacred is the very substance of this world that is why it always exists even in aspects that seemingly deny or neglect it. And the inner adventure that man experiences is aimed at discovering and fully enjoying this truth.
The true art has the mission to restore the greatness of man as a complete being that contains the whole universe in his Self.