Review by Edit Sz. Mikus

Interview for „Vekker” Radio of Szentendre
April 18, 2018

The Faces of the Goddess - About Tantra on account of a movie

At the end of the summer I participated in a private cinematographic projection in Budapest, which was related to a topic of great interest to me: tantric sexuality.[...]

From pornography to tantric sexuality

I delivered several conferences about this topic. I am convinced that the sexual culture of the world can be found on the trajectory from pornography to tantric sexuality. Pornography is the subculture element for which there is still a demand - as long as there are consumers there will be production too - and Tantra is the higher education of sexual culture. The sexuality of the ordinary man - and the culture of societies in this field - can be defined on this trajectory, depending on the direction to which it is more attracted.[...]

THE FACES OF THE GREAT GODDESS not only promises the approach of this subject but also raises it to a high artistic level. Although in a society there are fewer people dealing professionally with pornography - actors and members of technical teams - than ordinary people, that is the film consumers, yet the solution - the orientation towards Tantra - is valid for both categories of people. Unfortunately, those people (who anyway have a low level of culture) being first of all consumers, it is hard to imagine how they could be directed to the tantric sex impregnated by spirituality, yet there is already a way prefigured, a possibility that this form of almost artistic intimacy to be more accepted and easier to follow than the current one.

The film conveys a very beautiful message in a high class artistic presentation that guides us through the phases of the tantric initiation while the Goddess raises the porn star from suffering, apathy, from the dust among the tantric gods.

The film talks about the porn world and features porn videos without having anything pornographic! It managed to avoid it in such a refined way that only in the viewer's mind could appear certain images that the camera actually hadn’t filmed... It maintained the artistic level while praising tantric bliss.

Can others also see the movie?

We hope that the FACES OF THE GODDESS will soon be projected in cinemas, but first it will be presented in art cinemas. It has been declared 18 +… well, although pornography can be accessed on the Internet even by kindergarten kids, in the case of a film showing sexuality in an artistic way you have to fight that at least the high school students could see it.

It's worth seeing this movie! You can talk about it, it can open anyone to a path that can be found even in our country, all you need is a touch of spirituality and respect for the soul and body of man, opposed to pornography that is a distortion into a carnal act.

By the end of this year you can search for it in the cinema programs, and I wish you all a pleasant viewing! It should be seen by as many people as possible!

Before leaving the presentation, I was handed a postcard on which I could read the following quote from the movie:

“Kingdom of Beauty is the woman's body,
more precious than all the blossoming cherries of the world.
Her shoulders are two half-moons,
its waist – a birch in spring.
Beautiful is the beloved, deeply shining.
But if you only want her body,
your ear will only catch a pale whisper of Beauty.
If you want to know the Splendor without death, open your hearing:
the symphony in the soul of the woman makes the high vault of the worlds resound. "

The protagonist, already a tantric, whispers these words in the ears of his beloved during the amorous act. Who would not want to hear this while reaching the ecstasy of tantric sex? Here's the new form of romance.

Sz. Mikus Edit (sexologist)

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